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  • Founded in 1986, Dauginet Advocaten has a specialized team of tax attorneys that guarantees efficient service to clients ranging from individuals, small and middle-sized enterprises, non-profit organizations and multinationals to governments. We offer expert assessments of and practicable advice to all of your tax questions. In addition, we gladly represent your interests in tax disputes, for which we always try to reach a suitable solution, in consultation with you as our client.

  • “Victor Dauginet became an attorney after an impressive career at the Belgian IRS. Taught classes in tax procedure at the Fiscale Hogeschool (EHSAL, Brussels) and the University of Antwerp (Advanced Master in Tax Law).”  (Chambers Europe 2015)

  • Victor Dauginet: “Founder of Dauginet Advocaten, a tax boutique focussing on preventing, avoiding and resolving tax disputes. Has over 25 years of experience as an attorney in domestic, European and international tax law and has advised both individuals and companies in matters of tax planning, tax litigation and criminal tax procedures.” (Chambers Europe 2015)

  • “Markets sources speak of the “high quality and fine litigation skills” evident at this firm. Mainly handling work for domestic clients, the team scores highly for its white-collar crime advice and expertise in criminal tax and tax fraud matters.” (Chambers Europe 2009)

  • “Victor Dauginet is a well liked figure in the market, who is described as “a calm and pleasant person, with a superb grap of Belgian tax law”. He has a particular flair for tax fraud matters and has previous experience gained at the tax administration” (Chambers Europe 2009)

Our services

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    Personal income taxation

    Personal income taxation is levied on the worldwide income of each individual who, regardless of his or her nationality, is domiciled or manages his o...

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  • 2
    Corporate income taxation

    Corporate income taxation is levied on each corporation having its corporate headquarters in Belgium and which is engaged in a business or a profit-ma...

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  • 3
    Legal entity taxation

    Legal entity taxation is levied on legal entities not engaged in any business nor profit-making activity (e.g. non-profit organizations). Dauginet Adv...

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  • 4

    VAT is a consumption tax on goods and services that guarantees equal taxation at consumer level, between products that are made domestically and those...

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  • 5
    Tax procedures

    Dauginet Advocaten gladly provides its assistance throughout administrative or tax procedures. Since 1986, the firm has been specialized in resolving ...

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  • 6
    International and European tax law

    Within the context of international relations, countries make arrangements to prevent two countries from taxing the same income. Agreements are made b...

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  • 7
    Criminal tax law

    Criminal tax law is a rapidly evolving matter. Although the general rules of criminal law continue to apply, fully understanding a criminal tax proced...

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  • 8
    Registration taxes

    Registration taxes are imposed on several transactions: sales, contributions to companies, … In some cases, it will be possible to rely on a system ...

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  • 9
    Inheritance law / inheritance tax planning

    Setting up a sophisticated system of inheritance tax planning will allow you to transfer your assets during your life according to your wishes. This c...

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  • 10
    Customs and excise duties

    Customs law concerns the rules that are related to cross-border freight transport (mainly taxes on the import of goods). Excise duties are taxes on th...

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  • 11
    Taxation of non-residents

    Certain income of Belgian origin, obtained by individuals who are not tax residents of the Kingdom of Belgium, falls within the scope of non-resident ...

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  • 12
    Tax regularizations

    Tax regularization or tax rectification enables you to regularize any assets that have not been declared to the tax authorities in Belgium. An agreeme...

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  • 13
    Tax rulings

    A ruling or preliminary decision is a decision taken by the federal tax ruling commission in which the Federal Finance Department determines how tax l...

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  • 14
    Local and regional taxes / retributions

    “Local and regional taxes” include all taxes and retributions which are issued by communities, regions, provinces and municipalities (examples inc...

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